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When women come together, magic happens. Connect. Get initiated. Learn. Transform.

About Us

HerCircle is THE women's community that brings together sisters, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers, friends, teachers, and wild women from all over the world that share the love for the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth.
Our values in this community are authenticity, peace, love, kindness, sisterhood, generosity, sharing, alignment, and clarity in our spirit, mind, body, and heart. Our goal with HerCircle.life is to create a safe environment for personal transformation and growth. We are co-creating this space so we can support and inspire each other on our journey to our true selves.

HerCircle Hosts

Laura-Maria Yara is a woman of the Earth who serves the Divine Mother and the re-anchoring of the sacred feminine in the female body. She is a mother, storyteller, traveler in unseen worlds, midwife of transformation, and oracle of the womb.

More about Laura on MariaGaia.org (Romanian)

Mălina Lilay Meraki is a practitioner, a passionate student, and a sharer of feminine arts and rituals. Devoted to walk the beauty way, the gentle way of the heart. Multidimensional artist weaving sound, movement, breath, poetry, ritual, prayer, and intention into my day-to-day life and offerings

More about Mălina

Dana Dragomirescu is a trainer and counselor in relational communication through the ESPERE® Method; creator of personal development workshops through live art; director of classical Psychodrama & trainer, in training at ARPsiC.

More about Dana on Dana.earth (Romanian)

Ligia Loali journey as a Womb Oracle started when an inner terribly firm decision was taken, and that was: a total devotion to the path of Love, which she gracefully likes to call 'The Rose Path'. Being in service for the people and for Mother Earth invokes her life purpose and creativity to its fullest and she is grateful each day to take steps along this journey.
Ligia's work currently includes Akashic Record dialogues (readings), Womb & Hara Healing Circles for men & women, and purification guided Meditations in support of a deeper understanding of the Feminine frequencies.

+ You

Founding Daughters

You will always be able to be part of the community for free. If you feel to be involved even more, there will be paid membership options which we refer to as The Founding Daughters (of Her Circle of Life). By joining The Founding Daughters you reciprocate the energy exchange and get direct access to a wide range of women in service who are committed to helping you grow as a human being.
As a member of our women's community, you have the opportunity to be a part of a safe and supportive space that recognizes the transformative power of sisterhood. As a Founding Daughter, your involvement is integral to this community's continued existence and positive impact. The guidance provided by our HerCircle Hosts serves to enrich your personal journey as a woman. Your membership allows you to be a part of something bigger than yourself, a community of like-minded individuals committed to growth and empowerment.

We believe...

...that The Divine Feminine is a safe container for all kinds of resources, and it can continually expand. There is no limit to the resources a woman can have access to because there is no limit to the good she can bring back to her family, inner circle, local community, and tribe.

...that when women come together, magic happens.

HerCircle.life has many guardians that keep it a safe space, a womb for transformation. 

Community Architect: Mihai.love - is one of the stewards of this magical community you are about to enter. Mihai has a passion for conscious community building and wisdom economy. He loves helping Creators understand and utilize technology to be at the forefront of their vision with clarity.

The logo of HerCircle and some of the graphics we used were created with MidJourney and insightful prompts.

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